Solo Session

Solo Sessions

When you feel peaceful, you do peaceful things.
When you do peaceful things, you create inner peace.
It's not rocket science. Just common sense.
But even common sense requires a little bit of practice.
As a certified life coach and behavior specialist, I've worked with thousands of people -- across cultures and countries -- dealing with all kinds of circumstances.

(Notice I said "circumstances," not "failings" or "problems." In my world, we try to avoid labels that pin things as "right" or "wrong," "good" or "bad.")

I'm talking about circumstances like . . .
  • Self-doubt, insecurity and but-who-am-I-really-itis
  • Workplace drama, frustration and stress
  • Illness, injury, tension and chronic pain
  • Family and parenting breakdowns
  • Email overwhelm and tech addiction
And . . .
  • Anything that feels like the opposite of "inner peace"
Solo Session


Here's what happens during a solo session with me:
  • First, we define your goals. How do you want to feel? What would you like the inner landscape of your mind to look like? What are you ready to release?
  • Next, we play with a few techniques, which may include Tellington TTouch®, BodyTalk and coaching -- powerful ways to release fear, pain and tension, at a cellular level.
  • Then, we check in. How are you feeling? What's shifting? What's coming into clarity?
  • And lastly, we decide how to move forward. Would you like to work independently, putting your new techniques into practice? Book a follow-up session with me -- or three? Create a standing monthly date? It's all up to you.

Working with me is a bit like working with a transformational mentor, counselor or coach -- but instead of just talking, we'll blend in movement and bodywork to help you actually feel the transformation taking place, in your body.

How do I know that my practices work?

Because I've used them myself, for nearly thirty years.

Because I've shared them with thousands of people around the globe.

And because every week, I have the privilege of waking up to notes like these, shining in my inbox:

I am in awe of how much better I feel inside and out.




Dear Debby,

I want to thank you so much for your coaching to help me know I have a choice and how to breathe. All of it has helped me in my everyday life, working with my horse, Spirit, and dealing with life in general. I am in awe of how much better I feel inside and out.

I knew you were a special lady when I met you at my first TTouch Training many years ago. I am so blessed and thanks from the depths of my heart and soul!

Love, Becky from Monson, MA


Getting ways and tools to be able to overcome my fears is the greatest gift I could ever receive.





Dear Debby,

I am astonished by all the fears I have conquered since we had our session.

I went to see you to help me face the fears I had fighting when Karate training, knowing I had to overcome these fears to move on to the next level. Five months later, I not only went on with my training, but I was granted the next two levels!

It is a GREAT accomplishment, which in turn contributed to help me be more confident.

Getting ways and tools to be able to overcome my fears is the greatest gift I could ever receive, allowing me to make the most of my very own potential.

Forever grateful, Maryse from Canada

In my dream world, I'd have a chance to work with every single human being on the planet. I believe in this work, that much.

But I understand: when it comes to transformational work, inviting someone into your life and home is a deeply personal choice.

So, if you feel I'm the right person for you . . .

  • Let's start with a gentle conversation. Talk to me about setting up your first solo session in (or near) Portland, Oregon. Sessions are $125 / hour, and can take place at your home or mine.
  • Live somewhere else? Email me anyway -- I travel to several different countries every year, and virtual sessions are always an option.
  • Any questions? Read my FIQs (Frequently Integrated Questions), or drop me a line.

See and hear you soon . . .