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"Debby is a sensitive, compassionate and very competent healer."
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"The Body Talk experience is gentle, relaxing and non invasive. I highly recommend Debby."
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"I recommend Debby and her work to anyone who wants to heal at a deep energetic level."
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"Debby has a very comforting, way to just meet you where you are, and then focuses on the issue that calls for attention."
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"After TTouch with Debby, I'm relaxed and invigorated."
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"I am astonished by all the fears I have conquered since we had our session."

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Debby Potts

Debby Potts

Hello and welcome! I'm Debby Potts.

I've devoted my life to helping people and animals live a happy comfortable life, guiding them through every imaginable form of stress and tension.

From challenges with family, to chaos at work, to conflicts within -- I've seen it all.

And whatever is causing your shoulders to scrunch up next to your ears, I'm here to offer a happy reminder:

Finding balance is simpler than you think.

Stroll around my virtual home to learn more about me, what I teach, and how we can work together.

I can't wait to help you get healed by you.


Debby Potts

Debby and her dog Kiki

New Here?

New around here? Been away for a while?
Forgot how you got here -- or where you left your keys?
Here's what you might want to know:
  • I'm Debby Potts. Thousands of people know me for my work with animals, but furry and feathered friends aren't my only clients! For nearly thirty years, I've coached and mentored human beings, too. (There's so much synchronicity between my work with animals and people. The simple truth is: we all just want to be loved.)
  • If I was a kitchen utensil, I'd be a blender. I swirl together different healing modalities -- like Tellington TTouch® Training, BodyTalk and life coaching techniques -- to help people find the tools and practices that work for them.
  • Ultimately? My work is all about releasing tension and stress, feeling at ease in your mind, body and heart, noticing (rather than judging) yourself and others, and creating world peace from within.
  • If you're brand-new to my virtual home, you can start by reading my story, explore my upcoming workshops in Oregon and around the world, or book a solo session.
  • Oh, and as for your lost keys? Afraid I can't help you there. But like most challenges, if you take a deep breath and retrace your steps back to the beginning, you'll find the answers you seek.

Thank you for visiting. Happy exploring!


TTouch Founder Linda Tellington-Jones and Debby Potts

TTouch Founder Linda Tellington-Jones
and Debby Potts


It all started with a horse.
Well, actually a poodle.
No -- a turtle.
And a canary.
Let me go back to the beginning.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved animals with my whole heart. And despite my childhood asthma and allergies, I always found ways to surround myself with furry, feathered, finned and scaly friends. My parents were animal lovers, too -- and they wanted my brother and me to experience life on a farm. Which meant I got to experience every little girl's dream: having my very own pony! I channeled my childhood passion for animals into what became the family horse breeding business, and later as a veterinary technician.

I had a beautiful life, a great husband, our own farm, and two wonderful sons. I had it all sorted out!

And one day, two teachers came into my life to rustle things up -- and shift my perspective.

My first teacher's name was Spirit. She was a newborn horse with special needs. The kinds of needs I didn't know how to support, on my own -- even with a background in animal medicine.

Through Spirit, I discovered my second teacher: Linda Tellington-Jones, the creator of Tellington TTouch® Training, and an innovator in the field of equestrian health and behavior.

With Linda's guidance, I discovered a completely new way of connecting with horses.

Which evolved into a completely new way of connecting with other animals.

Which evolved into a completely new way of connecting with other people.

Which evolved into a completely new way of connecting with myself.

A way of connecting that's not about "shoulds" and "rules" and "right" and "wrong" -- but rather, the simple practice of noticing what is.

That was nearly 30 years ago.

And since then:
  • I've worked as a certified Tellington TTouch Instructor, Life Coach and BodyTalk Practitioner -- and when it comes to TTouch, I'm regarded as one of the leading teachers in the world.
  • I've helped over 5,700 people understand the power of touch, leading 475 TTouch workshops in all corners of the globe.
  • I've worked with more than 3,000 people in private sessions -- guiding them (sometimes, alongside their animal companions -- other times, not) through communication blockades, emotional tension, illness and injury, and every conceivable flavor of stress -- out through the other side, to ease, simplicity and peace.
  • While I always cherish my work with animals, my work is equally focused helping people feel safe and loved, too.
  • My greatest joy? Helping my (human) clients find practical ways to understand themselves and others, release fear, pain and tension, and create inner peace from within.
While my journey began with a horse, it has led me to you -- and you, right to me.

I don't believe in accidents -- just serendipity.

You're here for a reason -- and whether that reason is to collect information, hop and skip towards another coach, or work directly with me, who can say?

But whatever you need, I'm here to support you -- and we can begin today.



Relaxed Alertness
After TTouch with Debby, I'm relaxed and invigorated.

Tension melts, and my mind clears as she works on me. Afterwards, it feels like every cell in my body is awake and ready to go! And one of the best things about it, is that the results really stay with me.

– Shannon Wilkinson, Portland OR USA

Feeling Positive and Motivated
Debby has a very comforting, way to just meet you where you are, and then focuses on the issue that calls for attention.

The issue I asked Debby to work on with me has been a big deal for me. I've been feeling really blocked and filled with negative emotions concerning a particular life situation. I was desperately trying to get rid of these emotions. And since I didn´t know how, I started suppressing them (guess what: didn´t work). Along with that, to make the situation really unpleasant, I judged myself deeply for feeling the way I felt.

Debby has a very comforting, way to just meet you where you are, and then focuses on the issue that calls for attention. But she doesn´t just pick it – it picks itself with her guidance throughout the session. So in my case that helped me realize how I felt. And it turns out, most of it didn´t even have to do with the life situation I thought was causing my negative emotions, but had more to do with how I felt about myself. So instead of trying to loose the negative emotions, Debby gently and humorously helped me find the positive ones. She also helped me develop a useful strategy on what my next steps could be.

After (actually, even during) the session, I felt a rush of motivation and joy that, frankly, doesn´t leave much room for petty feelings. And it still lasts. I have just today been confronted with elements of the old situation and felt very peaceful with it. It was a powerful and light feeling. That's just what I love about Debby's work, she makes it very easy for you to find your own strength.

– Christine Tetau, Germany

Painful Foot
It's a soothing, calm feeling.

Just a note to let you know there are significant changes in my foot and in my life. My foot is feeling much more stable with the pain being at 0.5 where as it had been a 5 the day I worked with you. Wow.

Also, - I don't think this will seem odd to you, I'll bet it's common. I feel more a part of humanity, like I'm a cell in one vast organism. It's a soothing, calm feeling.

Thank you.

– Marilyn Davis, Seattle WA USA

Surprising Recovery for Disabled Wrist
I am sure that this day and this experience will change my life from now on.

Attending the TTouch workshop with Debby Potts, I never expected that my right wrist which had been given up by doctors for many years would come to life.

I knew TTouch and Body Wrapping through only some books, and I had not experienced them myself before. So I was very curious to see the effect of TTouch at the seminar. As the other seven participants had more knowledge on this topic, first of all I felt like being an only foreigner in the class. But after the seminar I was sure that I was blessed with the most effective experience of all.

In fact, I was so amazed that my right wrist which had never been moved for 20 years started to move in five minutes by Debby's TTouch.

My right wrist completely lost its function 20 years ago because of an accident. It was given up to be cured by many doctors. After the surgery last year, my doctor confirmed to me that my wrist would never move again. Therefore, I was very careful and nervous to protect the wrist and I was very afraid of someone touching it.

I wondered why I felt so comfortable and safe when Debby TTouched my wrist.

In about 5 minutes, I felt my frozen wrist melting without any pain. Everyone in the class was so astonished to see my wrist move.

A day passed, and my wrist is still alive as if it had been always OK . Of course I can not move the right wrist the same as the left one, but it does move without any pain.

I am sure that this day and this experience will change my life from now on.

I would like to take this opportunity to show my appreciation so that I can share my great experience with other people and animals in the future.

Thank you very much indeed.

– Yoshikazu Suekawa, Japan

Hip Injury
I was definitely more balanced.

After receiving TTouch on my back, I was walking twice the speed and my steps had length, what an amazing feeling. I was definitely more balanced. It was if the TTouch really loosened my lower back and hips. About 10 years ago I had a serious accident, injuring my hip. I couldn't move for nearly 2 weeks. It took me a year to walk around without my feet becoming swollen and sore. Wish I had known TTouch then! Although it isn't such a problem these days, I do get stiff in my hips sometimes, so the free movement was such a nice feeling. This is probably how animals must feel when work is done on them!!

– Margaret Wilson, Portland, OR USA

Comfort in Groups of People
I want to thank you for all you do to benefit the animal and human way of communication and bonding.

I feel that you have a special gift of not only teaching TTouch, but also a very unique way of reaching people on a deeper level to make them feel at ease in your company. I especially want to thank you for that as I tend to panic when facing large groups of people, but on the first day of our class I felt a sense of calmness and acceptance coming from you, which immediately put me at ease.

– Carmen, South Africa

Joyful Results
I recommend Debby and her work to anyone who wants to heal at a deep energetic level.

I have had four Body Talk sessions with Debby. Each one has been different and deeply healing. It is hard to describe what it is that happens, but the feeling is one of a kind of rearranging or a reorienting of energy so that the body/mind/spirit are in alignment. I find myself in the parasympathetic healing mode with each session, and that is always a sign to me that my body has said yes to the healing.

Debby has a beautiful knowledge of how to work with this modality and she also has a nurturing, healing touch and a deep intuitive sense of how to orient the work. She is also skilled in bringing in other modalities that she has used for years.

One session I had called for TTouch, which was exactly perfect for the calming of my nervous system. In another session she used her coaching skills, and that was perfect for the psychological/emotional issue up for me at that time.

Another indicator of the healing current present with Debby is that I always end the session in JOY. This tells me that love is present, and that is surely the deepest healing energy of all.

– Juanita Crampton, Newberg, OR USA

Allergy Relief
The Body Talk treatments helped in a dramatic way.

I was blessed to have several Body Talk treatments with Debby. I was experiencing hay fever as the grasses in our pasture were growing. The Body Talk treatments helped in a dramatic way.

I usually can experience the allergic reaction for about two months. I was even able to garden during the season except for the last two weeks when there was a reaction which was mild compared to previous years.

I also looked forward to the treatments with Debby. She is an experienced healer and brings a calm, wise and loving spirit to her work. I always felt joyful and light hearted during my treatments and afterward.

The Body Talk experience is gentle, relaxing and non invasive. I highly recommend Debby.

– Faye Fields, Newberg, OR USA

Neck Injury
Debby is a sensitive, compassionate and very competent healer.

I had several Body Talk sessions with Debby and found immediate relief and lasting benefit to a neck injury I had been suffering from for several years. I highly recommend Debby's work and feel nothing but gratitude for both her skill and her generosity.

– David Fields, Newberg, OR USA

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