I'm already doing yoga / acupuncture / chiropractic / reiki / insert-healing-modality-here. Is it safe for me to work with you, too?

Absolutely. The techniques that I use and teach -- like Tellington TTouch® and BodyTalk -- are complementary modalities, which means that they "complement" other types of movement, personal development and healing that you might already be doing.

I often say: "Even if you do these techniques the 'wrong' way, the worst that'll happen is you'll give -- or receive -- a lovely experience!"

There's truly no risk or downside to this work.

Is TTouch like getting a massage?

TTouch looks a bit like a massage and feels a bit like a massage, but ultimately, it's quite different.

It's a series of circular, lifting and sliding motions that release physical pain and tension, but also shift your state of mind: making it easier for you to think clearly, retain new information, open up to new possibilities, and be kinder with yourself and others.

You'll be fully clothed -- soft, loose, comfortable clothing is always best. Please save your formal evening wear and stiletto heels for another day!

How many sessions will I need before I get results?

The answer to this question is: it depends.

I've had some clients do a single session with me, get everything they need, and happily stride off on their own. Other clients prefer to keep regular appointments -- like a mind-body-spirit tune-up, once or twice a month.

It's completely up to you -- and I'll never pressure you to book more time with me than you want or need. That's just not my style.

Can I see a picture of Spirit, the horse who started it all?

I wish I had more photos of beautiful Spirit -- the horse who first led me to TTouch Training, and sparked my entire career.

But here is one of my favorites from the archives: